Forms & Tools


Training Guide for RWHAP Part A Planning Councils/Planning Bodies: A Member’s First Planning Cycle

Planning CHATT

December 2018

The Training Guide is designed to help planning councils/planning bodies conduct orientation and ongoing training to prepare members to participate fully in RWHAP Part A planning and decision making.


El Manual del Consejo de Planificación

Planning CHATT

November 2018

El Manual fue diseñado para ayudar a los miembros del consejo de planificación del Programa Ryan White de VIH/SIDA Parte A, a entender las labores y el funcionamiento de los consejos de planificación.


Planning Council Primer

Planning CHATT

June 2018

The Primer is designed to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A planning council members understand the roles and functioning of planning councils.


Compendium of Materials for Planning Council Support Staff


February 2018

The Compendium is designed to help planning council support staff carry out their duties in supporting and facilitating the work of RWHAP Part A planning councils/planning bodies (PC/PBs). It provides tools and templates, model orientation and training materials and other time-saving resources, and offers tips and sound practices from planning councils/planning bodies across the nation.


Self-Assessment Module (SAM) Series


January 2009

Workbooks for RWHAP planning bodies and other entities to self-assess their effectiveness.






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